Aaron Braxton's high school music teacher wrote in his yearbook, "It's tough to be talented. You tend to spread yourself too thin." With a steady stream of interest, he has become an internationally, critically acclaimed and award winning American, actor, writer and teaching artist. Born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, now living in Los Angeles, California, he holds a Bachelors of Arts and Sciences from San Diego State University and a Masters of Arts in education, curriculum writing and teaching from The University of Southern California.

A true renaissance man, Aaron Braxton has been a stellar union performing artist in the entertainment industry for several decades having starred, guest starred, supported, co-starred or recurred in some of the industry's most popular television shows, independent films and stage plays. He has also penned and/or directed several successful, critically acclaimed, and award winning solo-shows and plays..

For almost twenty years Aaron taught English, history, drama, and resource special education for the Los Angeles Unified School District. While there he wrote, directed, and coached students in several, winter, spring, and multicultural productions as well as developed a myriad of interdisciplinary and art integration workshops for falculty. His most rewarding achievement was working with low achieving students using various artistic methods in order to assist them in bypassing departmentalized blocks to learning and developed special instructional programs in order to increase their academic achievements. For his efforts he won the On Site Education Award for increasing test scores of SDC and RSP students 3 years in a row.

Sharing a passion for art and teaching, (it says in his high school yearbook that he wanted to be an actor, writer and teacher), as well as a commitment to life-long learning, Aaron Braxton has creatively custom developed a unique approach to learning as well as techniques that integrate pedagogy with art in a manner that is thought provoking, engaging, and intuitively attainable.
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